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We believe the only way to achieve skin health is through the power of science. ZO® Skin Health offers cutting-edge products + therapeutic treatments to bring the best results-oriented solutions in UAE straight to you.


Daily Power Defense: Powerful anti-agingserum designed to improve the appearance of lines + wrinkles and promote overall skin health.The antiaging creamsupports skin’s natural DNA repair process boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid production, and replenishes lipids to optimise skin barrier function.


Growth Factor Serum: Lightweight anti-aging serumfor all skin types that strengthens skin, supports skin rejuvenation, and offers anti-aging care against future signs of aging. Formulated with a combination of plant and enzymatically derived growth factors, it is clinically proven to:


The Growth Factor is extracted from red ginseng extract.It gives baby skin effect and is a unique non-retinol antiaging serum formula.


Firming Serum: Zo Skin has the bestanti aging cream that is a breakthrough in skin structure + shape. The mild, lightweight and tolerable anti-aging serum formulation is indicated for all skin types and sensitive skin areas.The anti-aging creamreinforces skin health and hydrates to support the visible improvement in skin elasticity and firmness.It has an advanced formula that reaches deep to work with the skin natural regeneration of collagen to improve the appearance of sagging and skin laxity.The anti-aging creamhelps define facial contours and defends against free radical damage.


Wrinkle + Texture Repair: Featuring a microemulsion delivery system, Wrinkle + Texture Repair is high-potency retinol that reactivates the process of skin renewal.It is the best antiaging creamthat helps reduce the appearance of lines + wrinkles, supports the appearance of smooth skin texture, and improves skin function and the skin’s ability to retain hydration.

Wrinkle + Texture Repair:


10% Vitamin C: The antiaging cream provides a potent dose of Vitamin C that brightens and redefines skin, promoting a more even skin tone and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Instant Pore Refiner: This lightweight serum minimises the appearance of pores. It features a dual-action formula which works to eliminate surface shine for an instantly matte finish.


Exfoliation Accelerator: Glycolic and lactic acid complex that aids in the removal of dead skin cells while providing calming and soothing benefits with aloe, green tea, and chamomile blend.It helps soothe and support skin and antioxidants in the anti-aging cream help prevent future damage.It contains Vitamin A & E.


Enzymatic Peel: At-home peel formulated to create a softer, brighter skin appearance.It contains Papain and Bromelain enzymes.


Radical Night Repair: An anti-aging cream for aging skin with fine lines, wrinkles, and for sun-damaged skin.